An Abnormal Spring Break

Spring Break

So last week was Spring Break in our area. Right now our two boys’ school schedules dictate our lives. Soon (too soon), one will graduate and he will develop a different rhythm to his life. We don’t always plan something for Spring Break, but this year the boys asked for a skiing/snowboarding trip.


You may remember a few years ago when our family made a risky move and opted for no presents at Christmas in exchange for a family cruise a few days later. This time, it was the boys’ idea to give up Christmas gifts in return for an experience together. (Pardon me while I wipe a little tear from this weary but hopeful mama’s eye…)


Here’s the thing, though – I don’t ski like our younger son or snowboard like my husband and our older son. At the time the trip was planned, I was still working almost full-time, plus consulting on the side. I didn’t want to give up vacation time for a vacation I wasn’t really going to enjoy.


So I opted to stay home by myself.


Crazy, isn’t it? Even after I quit my job and found myself with an open schedule, I decided to stay home. My husband still thinks I’m a little bit soft in the head.


But (can I get a witness?) five days of staying at home alone with no one to cook for, no schedule, no demands – doesn’t that sound eerily similar to the definition of paradise?


Here’s what I learned from the experience:

  • I ate more vegetables during those five days than my family usually eats in a month.
  • Blasting music while you’re spring cleaning is a must.
  • I loved having extra time to read God’s Word and talk with Him before starting my day.
  • Even though I can rest, I don’t often take the opportunity to do so. Even these five days I ended up filling with activity.
  • It’s way better to drink wine with someone than alone.
  • You can get a lot of work done when there are no distractions.
  • Time alone was wonderful, but time with my family is even more wonderful.


I took some time to separate myself from my normal routine and circumstances. As a result, I was refreshed and had a new perspective on so many things that crowd my normal days. I would make some changes when I do it again (like not creating a to-do list that was literally 3 typed pages long…), but I will do it again. Spring Break may have been a little abnormal this year, but it was still incredible.


What can you do this week to step away from your normal?



One thought on “An Abnormal Spring Break”

  1. Rick H says:

    I am reminded of the expression “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Among other things, this is a testament to the truth of that old addage.

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