What a few birds in the parking lot taught me

I was walking through the parking lot when my attention was captured by a strange sight.  Two birds flew across my path – one quite large, and the other quite small.  I’ve seen many birds chasing each other – that in itself wasn’t strange.  The oddity was that the small bird was chasing the large bird away!


I’m not sure if the smaller bird had the hots for the larger bird, or if it was protecting its territory – I tend to believe it’s probably the latter.  But for whatever reason the chase was happening, it made me think…

I don’t have to be intimidated by someone “larger” than me.


Maybe someone has a larger platform of influence, a bigger network of friends, or more responsibility.  Instead of letting that scare me away, I can use that as an incentive.  I don’t have to look at things that are outside of my current experience as unobtainable.  Instead, I can go after them without fear, knowing that my current limitations don’t determine my future.


I can protect what needs protecting.


God has placed me where I am currently for a purpose.  I am confident of that!  That means I don’t need to be afraid to fight for what is right, and fight for what needs to be accomplished.  As a leader, this means I fight for and protect my team.  As a mother, this means I fight for and protect my boys.  As a wife, this means I fight for and protect my marriage.  That little bird was likely protecting something precious to him, and it didn’t matter the size of what was threatening him.  He fought anyway.


I can’t be afraid to fail.


I doubt that little bird saw the threat of the larger one and waited a few minutes, paralyzed by the thought he may fail.  No, the little bird didn’t think about what might happen, it acted on what it knew had to happen, without thought of failure.  Too often I don’t take the necessary steps toward what is next for me because I am afraid of failing somewhere along the way.  But staying paralyzed, hidden in my current spot will never build the confidence I need to conquer what is next.


As they flew away, it looked to me like the little bird was the winner.  I’m not sure I would have expected that outcome, but I’m sure I will never forget the lessons it taught me.




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