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When You Should Never Go At It Alone

Today we are honored to have a guest post by author Kathryn Heath. She is celebrating the launch of her new book, The Influence Effect this week. Her words come as a timely reminder that…

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Saying Goodbye

I stood in my closet, starting at the rows of shirts and pants and dresses, unable to move. How are you supposed to pick out an outfit for the day you know your friend is…

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The Fear Effect

This week we are again privileged to host a guest post from a celebrated author. Scott Mautz released his book Find the Fire this week to a world that struggles deeply with finding inspiration and fulfillment…

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goal setting

The Power of Goal Setting

This week we are honored to host a guest post by author Paul Cummings. Paul is celebrating the launch of his new book this week – It All Matters. Consider Paul to be your personal coach as…

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