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lead without a position

You can’t lead without a position

Leadership isn’t about position.   Leadership is about influencing others – encouraging and pushing them toward a greatness that they may otherwise never see. I’ve written about, talked about, and advocated for this constantly. But…

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Hacksaw Ridge

Leadership Lessons from Hacksaw Ridge

My family loves war movies.  We’re currently watching a 20-hour DVD set about World War II that my husband watched when he was growing up.  As the only female in the house, I’ve learned to…

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Don’t Be the Leader You Were Yesterday

  Yesterday may have been a really great day for you as a leader – or it may have been terrible.  Maybe you rallied your team and accomplished more than anyone thought possible.  Or maybe…

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Leading From The Front

Leading From the Front

It won’t be long before you can glance up to the sky in my town and see the perfect v-shape of a flock of Canadian geese heading back north as this very mild winter comes…

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