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Do you have credibility as a leader?

A few weeks ago I was standing with a group of people, chatting after our small group lesson had ended.  Several people had attended a one day conference, and were discussing the event.  The name…

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engage your core

Engage Your Core

The new year just started, and one of the top resolutions set every year has to do with getting in shape or exercising.  We see our need to improve our physical health, and exercise is…

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I'm sorry

Two words every leader needs to say

I’ve been in a season of leadership lately that has challenged me in many, many ways.  There have been multiple transitions to navigate, and so very much to learn.  I’m not the world’s fastest learner…

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Are you a fisherman or a shepherd?

  You may be thinking, “What? I don’t like to fish, and I certainly don’t spend any time around smelly sheep!”   As a leader, you are likely a fisherman, a shepherd, or even a combination of both….

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