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beautiful interruption

Beautiful Interruption

This week our little community received twelve inches of snow. To those of you who live north of the Mason-Dixon line, or in Siberia, this would be a normal occurrence. But for those of us…

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Where is the JOY?

Behind my smiling facade there’s a struggle happening.   I can’t even say it’s a fierce struggle, because that would suggest passion behind it all.   Instead, it’s a struggle of apathy.   Joy.  …

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try something new

Will You Try Something New?

It’s been a year now since our family took a vacation to an all-inclusive resort.  It was the first time the boys had ever experienced anything like it – and when you tell a 15…

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When Venting Becomes Toxic

It’s been one of “those days.” It started out as the boys were getting ready for school. I had to remind one of them that today they would be paying the consequences for a poor…

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