Cloudy with a chance of….vision

My younger son and I get to do something later this fall that we’ve been planning for several years now.  He is finally old enough to take scuba diving lessons, and I’ve been waiting to take the classes with him.  I can’t wait!!

Almost two years ago I went on an introductory dive in Jamaica.  Before heading out to the vast, deep blue ocean, I had to first complete a half day of “pool training.”

One of the critical skills I had to master in the pool was clearing my mask.  If you’ve ever used a mask and snorkel, you know how annoying it can be when a bit of water gets into the mask.  It starts out just slightly obscuring your vision, but left unchecked, your vision becomes completely clouded.

It might not be a big deal in the pool or even out snorkeling, but at 25+ feet under the surface of the water, clouded vision can become a life-or-death situation.  Learning how to restore vision underwater kept me from accidentally touching a sea urchin, prevented me from panicking, and made the whole experience even more breathtaking.  By simply blowing the water out of my mask, I was ready to keep diving.

I find myself with cloudy vision in life sometimes.  I’m so caught up in correcting and micromanaging my kids that I lose sight of who God desires them to become.  I let busyness keep me from clearly pursuing goals for my team.  I get excited about new opportunities and neglect what I’ve already been called to do.

Vision reveals our path.  It shows our direction and allows us to make the corrections necessary to move forward.  Vision exposes obstacles, uncovers hope, and provides clarity.  Without it, Proverbs 29:18 reminds us, we perish – we literally cannot survive without vision!

So how do I “clear the mask” in my life?  I start by remembering the essentials.  Where am I headed?  Why?  For what purpose?  I take time to remember the truths that I’ve learned along the journey so far.  And I try to remove the distractions, bad habits, and sometimes lies that have kept me from seeing clearly.


Now it’s your turn.  What is your vision?  For your team?  For your family?  For yourself?


Take a few moments to clear your mask and regain sight into where God is calling you to lead!



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