Don’t Be the Leader You Were Yesterday



Yesterday may have been a really great day for you as a leader – or it may have been terrible.  Maybe you rallied your team and accomplished more than anyone thought possible.  Or maybe you broke the trust of the people you lead, and now you are starting back at square one.  In either case, you shouldn’t be the same leader today.


Why not?


Leaders are learners.


Leaders seek out ways to become better.


Every.  Single.  Day.

On bad days, it’s easy to remind ourselves that we need to change.  We’re confronted with our shortcomings, and we see our failures.  Don’t allow your shortcomings and failures to become excuses.  Allow them to help you grow.  They have highlighted the areas where you need work – now work on them!



On good days, it’s harder to see that we need to change.  When everyone loves you and agrees with you, the temptation is to maintain what you are doing and hope for the same results.  The problem is, eventually the momentum will slow, and you won’t get the same results anymore.  Instead, use good days to identify the strengths that you can improve.  Lean into the areas where you thrive, and learn how to do them even better.  Above all, recognize with humility that you will never “arrive.”


What are you going to do today so that you aren’t the same leader you were yesterday?


Identify the areas you need help.


Ask someone to keep you accountable.


Pick up a book.


Listen to a podcast.


Seek out a mentor.


Watch a TED talk.


Request feedback from your team.


Read a blog post.


Reflect on the leader you were yesterday, and choose to become a better leader today.


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