Engage Your Core

engage your core

The new year just started, and one of the top resolutions set every year has to do with getting in shape or exercising.  We see our need to improve our physical health, and exercise is a great step in the right direction.  I set some goals regarding my health this year, too.  One of my goals is to strengthen my core – all the muscles in the torso that stabilize allow for mobility from the arms and legs.  Watch any fitness video, and you’ll hear at lease once the words, “engage your core!”  A strong core is the foundation for a healthier body.  I’m learning that engaging your core helps prevent injury, and has more impact on my everyday life and health than any other conditioning.


If it’s so important for my physical health, what about the health of my leadership?


What if I could engage the core of my leadership?

What if I could strengthen certain areas that would allow me greater flexibility, movement, and impact as a leader?


What is the core of leadership?




Who you are as a person determines everything about your leadership.


Do I have integrity?  Am I the same person when I am being watched, and when I am alone?


Am I consistent?  Does my team know what to expect from me, or do I react well sometimes, and fly off the handle at other times?


Am I trustworthy?  Do I consistently have the backs of the people on my team?  Do I follow through with what I say, or do I make empty promises?


Do I care about people?  Not about what they think, or about what they can do for me.  Do I truly care about the condition, lives, and potential of the people I influence?


Do I exude passion?  Am I determined to lead well?  Does my self-discipline help me go after what I truly see as my calling?  Do I attract followers?


I had to take a good look at my core – take a good look at yours.


Do you need to strengthen it?


Let me know how you will take that first step today.


4 thoughts on “Engage Your Core”

  1. David Lewis says:

    Good stuff, Heather. Always a timely reminder. I would be proud to follow you…and I’m your father!

  2. Denise says:

    God has shown me that truth must saturate my full being (my core) .
    Even if I can rationalize that I don’t want to hurt feelings, there is never a good excuse for dishonesty. He is going to teach me and lead me in speaking the TRUTH in love. Full truth, always truth..no excuses. Build my character O God!

    1. Yes! Praying with you, Denise!

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