Glimpses of God

Glimpses of God


It caught me by surprise.  I had not been searching for it, or even thinking about it.  I was going about my day as usual, lost in my thoughts and casually paying attention to my surroundings.


The location of it was partly what stunned me.  If you’ve been to my house – you will understand what I am referring to when I say I was coming up the BIG HILL.  The first glimpse I had was partway up the hill.  I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me – but as I reached the top of the hill, there was no mistaking it.


In front of me was an amazing, beautiful reminder of God.

It was in the form of a rainbow – an unusual rainbow. The day was not rainy, or even particularly cloudy.  There were white, wispy clouds dancing through the sky.  And one of those clouds caught the reflection of the sun just right, so that the cloud itself became the rainbow – a reminder of God’s faithfulness.


How often God chooses to catch me by surprise with Himself!  Most often, it is when I am not really looking for Him.  I think He knows that those are the moments that I need to see Him the most.


– The moments when I am in a classroom full of incredible, curious kids – and I see the understanding light up the most challenging child’s eyes – and He reminds me that every single one of them was made in  His image.


– The moments when I am running from one thing to the next with hardly a chance to stop and take a breath – and someone takes a moment to tell me thank you or offer a word of encouragement – and He reminds me that He created those moments to impact people with His name.


– The moments when I am frustrated by someone else’s actions – and in spite of mess-ups, lives are changed -and He reminds me that He uses our mistakes for His glory.


– The moments when I am overwhelmed with emotion, responsibilities, heartache – and the words I read in my quiet time are EXACTLY what I need to hear – and He reminds me that He is sufficient for me.


I pray that you see glimpses of God today!


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