Hard Conversations

Hard Conversations
Hard conversations.

By definition, they are HARD.

But I am learning not to shy away from them, because it is the hard conversations that cause the most forward momentum.  I am committed to doing whatever it takes to defend the unity of my family, my church, and the teams I lead – because people are too important and precious to not fight for.


What is a hard conversation?


It is a conversation that is temporarily uncomfortable in order to fight for unity.  It is a conversation that brings up issues that, left unchecked, could potentially derail you or the other person.


But before we talk more about what a hard conversation is, let’s talk about what a hard conversation is not.


Hard conversations are not…


…for defending your opinion or views.

…done in anger.

…for your benefit.

…to prove a point.




Hard conversations are


…for defending the unity of your team, family, relationship, etc.

…done in love.

…for the benefit of the other person.

…to clarify a point.




Without hard conversations in our lives, it is impossible to move forward.  We will become stuck in the past or mired in the present, but we will be unable to gain momentum for the future. I don’t want to be stuck – I want to advance, so I have to be intentional about fighting for unity by being willing to have hard conversations.


Who do you need to have a hard conversation with today?


2 thoughts on “Hard Conversations”

  1. Jan Smith says:

    Heather – your website it amazing and I’ve read several posts. Very helpful and I will continue to keep checking in and reading. I am a fairly new leader and I will benefit from the majority of your articles. Great brain food for a new leader. Thanks and many blessings to you and your family. THANK YOU!!!

    1. Jan! Thank YOU so much!! Time is precious, and the fact that you are spending your time reading my words is humbling and encouraging. Praying blessings on your leadership journey!

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