In the deep end


That moment when the water closes completely over your head;

When the only thing you can hear is your own thoughts;

While swirling blue surrounds you.


That moment can be remarkably peaceful, or invoke extreme terror.

The difference is whether you chose to jump into the deep end,

Or whether you found yourself pushed there.


Regardless, you are forced to choose whether you will stay.

I’ve found myself in the deep end of leadership.

Some days I’m not sure how I got here;

Other days I remember the steps I took before jumping in.

But the fact remains – I am here.

And I want to stay here.


But I don’t just want to survive, just keep my head above water

(Though I know there will be many days I feel that way).

I want to thrive here in the deep end.


That means I need to start looking for the life-lines that are near me.

Life-lines bobbing within reach

Like other leaders who have been here before me,

Wisdom from people who love me and love God,

Personal time with the Creator of the universe.

When I grab onto what is already in front of me, I can start to thrive.


Do you find yourself in the deep end?

Not sure how you got here,

Not sure how long you can keep treading water?


Take a look around you and recognize the life-lines that God has placed in your reach.

Choose to stay in a place where it can be scary and unpredictable,

And the most beautiful, amazing place you’ve ever been.


2 thoughts on “In the deep end”

  1. Thank you for reminding me of the life rings around me that God has placed. Want to hear more from you.

    1. Heather says:

      Thank you, Janice!

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