Jesus Leadership

One of the most important things to me is making sure that our time together helps you to grow. I always want to help you grow as a leader, but even more importantly, I want to help you grow closer to God. So I couldn’t help but be drawn to how Jesus led His close friends.

Everything pointed to God– no matter what Jesus was teaching, the ultimate goal was to help the listeners develop a closer relationship with His Father. He modeled that by spending time with His Father himself!


He built personal relationships – He spent extra time with this group of twelve, teaching them in a more in depth way, letting them see the inner workings. He took them aside in order to give them a deeper connection.


Servant leader – Jesus never asked His disciples to do something that He hadn’t already done Himself, or He wasn’t willing to do with them. (Even the big things like walking on the water, casting out demons, and healing the sick).


But He didn’t do the job FOR them – He equipped them, directed them, encouraged them, but He didn’t do their tasks for them.


He had a leadership succession plan – As much as we don’t like to think about it, I might not always be here, and you might not always be here. Jesus knew that from the outset of His ministry that He would be leaving – and planned accordingly. He pushed people beyond what THEY thought they were capable of. What are YOU doing to develop someone to replace you?


Love – Though this quality may be left off of most leadership lists, it is most definitely at the core of Jesus’ leadership. His whole purpose for being here was LOVE. Every word He spoke, every action He took, was from love. If I do not love the people on my team, I cannot truly lead them in a way that will impact them for eternity.


I want to lead how Jesus led.


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