Leaders should be more like river otters

River Otters

Aren’t otters just so cute?

If you’re having a rough day, I’d wager to guess that looking at pictures of river otters has a similar effect to looking at pictures of cute kittens.

Did you know that river otters are some of the only animals that hold hands?  A picture of an otter is cute enough on its own…but a picture of two of them holding hands?  Well, my heart just melted a little bit just writing that!

Let’s be honest – river otters don’t just hold hands because it’s cute.  They are wired to do it – it’s a survival instinct.

Why do they do it?

So that no one floats away.

River otters understand the importance of connection.  Without connection, they have the potential to drift, to be separated from their group, or even to die, unprotected.

They don’t have an elaborate plan.

They simply attach to one another.

What if we were more like river otters?


As leaders, what if we made sure each person on our team was truly connected?

As parents, what if we spent time building a connection with our children that goes past the elementary school years and sustains even when life gets messy?

As friends, what if we lean in to the hard conversations that cause our friendship to grow deeper, instead of leaning out, afraid to believe that relationships can get better when we respect the other person enough to tell them the real truth?

As ministry volunteers, what if we made it our ambition that every single person stepping foot into our ministry develops a connection with another person?

As neighbors, what if we choose to pursue a connection that goes deeper than a wave from the mailbox?

As human beings, what if we realize that God created us to connect with others, and commit to finding ways to live that out?

It’s time to lead your life like a river otter!

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