Mondays and Fall

Monday really gets a bad rap, you know?  All the jokes are about how terrible Monday is.  No one wants to roll out of bed on Monday mornings.  People groan at the thought of another week of school or work…   I can’t help but be thankful for Mondays.  I am thankful for Mondays for the same reason that I am thankful for fall.  Don’t lose me here…

Fall can be depressing to some people.  Everything turns brown, falls off, dies…  Weather gets colder and days are shorter.  Makes you want to curl up within yourself and just hide.


But for some reason, fall has always reminded me of new beginnings.  Because, you know, new leaves and flowers cannot come out next spring if the old ones are hanging on.  We wouldn’t be as thankful for warmer days and longer hours of sunshine if we didn’t experience the shorter, colder ones.


And that brings me back to Mondays – they are an opportunity for a new beginning – EVERY SINGLE WEEK!  I can put last week behind me and focus on what God has for today.  I can look past the cold, dark days of the past season of my life and look forward to what God is going to do in THIS season.


What are some of the “old things” hanging on in your life?  In your team?

Please don’t regret them.

Instead, realize when it’s time to let them go, and then focus on the new growth that will come as a result.


One thought on “Mondays and Fall”

  1. Christen says:

    This is so good Heather! Every single day is such a blessing! Thank you for sharing!

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