Old Hand

The other day I took a picture. It was a picture of one of my hands, along with one hand from several other ladies who had obliged me by applying a temporary tattoo that I had created for our preschool department. As I was posting the picture to Twitter, I thought, “Oh, that hand there looks old.” Wait…it was my hand! I had not noticed how old my hand looked until I had other hands around to compare it with.


Sometimes in leadership we forget how “old” we are getting. No, not in the context of maturing as a leader or gaining experience. I’m talking about being set in our ways and stuck in some leadership habits that we may not even realize.  That is, until we take a picture of our ministry and see the new ways of leadership that surround us.

Take a few moments to think about the area you lead.


How is your team stuck?  Be honest – is it from the way you’ve been leading them?  If so, it’s time to change some of your habits.



Where can you look for new ideas?  Within your own team?  Within another team that you respect and want to emulate?


Do you look for input from those on your team on how to make your team even better? Or do you simply keep doing everything your way because, hey – it works!



It might be time to truly open our eyes to the young, developing leaders around us and allow them to speak into our teams, too.



You may find your team feeling and appearing much fresher!


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