I love them.  They shout consistency and predictability and purposeful design.


Patterns help us create beautiful quilts.  They allow us to teach our children how to tie their shoes, or wash the dog, or write their name. They remind us to leave earlier when school is back in session to make up for increased traffic. Patterns create the opportunity to see where we have been and where we are going.

There is a pattern that my pastor shared that is helping me understand the phase I am currently in, and is infusing me with hope for the future.


Take —> Bless —> Break —> Give


This pattern emerged during the feeding of the 4,000 when Jesus took the bread and fish, thanked God for them, broke them, and gave them to the thousands.  He could have fed several people with the original supply.  But He chose instead to impact thousands by not clinging to what He had.  The same pattern emerged with Jesus’ very life, and it often emerges in our own lives.


We offer ourselves to God to be used,

and He takes us.

He blesses us.

He breaks us, focusing on cutting away the parts of us that don’t look like Jesus yet, little by little.

He then uses our reflection of Himself and gives us out to influence the lives of others who need more of Him.


This is God’s pattern for our individual lives, and for our lives as leaders.


We offer our time and talents and He takes us.

God blesses us greatly as we grow as a team, as we influence the lives of children and parents and other volunteers.

Then He begins to break us, refining our teams little by little – He reminds us that our schedule is not His schedule.  He takes volunteers away who need to grow in another direction.  He sends us a child who needs extra time, love, or attention.  He pulls us out of our comfort zone.

And then He begins to use the purified results, giving influence to our teams in order to bless even more kids, more adults, more volunteers.


 What part of the process are you in personally?


What part of the process is your team in right now?



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