Proof of the Deposit

I posted a phrase on our Volunteer Facebook page a few days after I first heard it. Not two days later, I heard the same phrase during a leadership lunch I was attending.


The demand is proof of the deposit. God does not demand what He does not deposit. If He has placed you in this (leadership role), it’s because He deposited in you what you need.

As a leader, I need to be reminded of this daily. While I was the one to head up group projects during my school days, I never really considered myself a leader. I moved a lot during my childhood and learned quickly how to adapt to almost any situation. As a result, I never really saw myself as leading…I actually saw myself as more of a conformer. I am gifted with a love for organization, so even when I became a shift lead on the progressive care unit where I worked right after graduating from nursing school, I never saw myself as leading, more of an organizer.


My husband saw the need for a new kids’ club in the church we were attending a few years into our marriage. I supported him whole-heartedly as he launched and led the ministry. I even oversaw the preschool portion of the program, and traveled to various local conferences to teach others how to lead a preschool ministry. But for some reason, I still never saw myself as a leader.


It wasn’t until years later, after being in leadership roles for almost 20 years, that I finally began to understand that what I was doing was leading. Leading, in it’s purest sense, is influencing others.  I never believed that I had the ability to influence others.


Honestly, it wasn’t until others started telling me that I had influenced their lives that my eyes were opened to what God had deposited in me from the start. He created me in a way that makes me crave pouring into people and helping bring out what they might not see they possess. As a nurse, I led people to a greater place of health, or, occasionally, to a peaceful way to finish out their life on earth. Now, as a leader of volunteers, I lead people to an understanding that they can be an integral part of something much bigger than themselves. As a mother, I lead my boys to discover what God has deposited in them, that He will demand from them one day.


God has placed me where I am because He has already deposited in me everything I need to influence and lead those around me.


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  1. Dave says:

    Leaders are, essentially, investors – regardless of whether they ever see any returns.

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