Reaching Outside the Fence

My son’s school is in the middle of a cow pasture. Literally. I drive up the winding country road every day to pick him up from practice after school. Our family jokes about the cows holding “meetings” when they’re all clustered together. Yesterday as I was driving by the various bovines, I laughed as I saw a large black and white cow sticking her head through the barbed wire fence and desperately trying to nibble at some choice- looking weeds on the other side. Despite the ridiculous picture, her antics were teaching me something.


I’m a “stay-inside-the-fence” kind of gal most of the time. Sure, I like to occasionally throw a surprise in every once in awhile, but for the most part I find that boundaries are made for protection, not confinement. So I surprised myself when I started thinking “outside the fence” for once.


If I reach outside my fence, I might find something to enjoy that I would have never found otherwise.


If I reach outside my fence, I may end up experiencing something that everyone else around me doesn’t get to experience.


If I reach outside my fence, I may end up leading others to experience something new.


If I reach outside my fence, I’ll begin developing new muscles, and I may find myself stronger in areas I never thought I could be strong in.


If I reach outside my fence, I can be an example of pushing past my limits to those around me.


If I reach outside my fence, I can look back inside the fence with a different perspective.


I’m looking forward to driving by those cows today. They remind me that I can stretch and grow outside of my normal boundaries.


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