Scattered, Smothered and Covered


“Scattered, smothered, and covered, please!”

If you’ve been in the South for more than five minutes, you’ve passed a Waffle House.  This iconic southern eating establishment is best known for two things:  waffles and hash browns.  If you’re ordering the hash browns, you’ve got to choose how exactly you want them to come:  with cheese, no onions, covered in gravy, with chunks of jalapeño.  The combinations are endless….  As I called out my order, I thought of my team.

Scattered – There are times that you are going to feel scattered as a team.  Summer is usually one of those times.  People are enjoying vacations, lake days, and sometimes just relaxing from a normal schedule.  While it is necessary,  (We are supposed to rest!  We are supposed to spend time with our loved ones!) it can leave your team feeling scattered and distant.  Take a moment to send your team a text or post on their Facebook page that you’re thinking of them and that you appreciate them being a part of your team.  Unity starts with “U” (You!)


Smothered – Maybe your team is feeling smothered.  Smothered by things happening in their life.  Smothered by relationships.  Maybe even smothered by you.  I tend to want things done my way (anyone relate?!)….and that leads to pushing my team away from me – making them feel smothered by my expectations.  I fall into the trap of trying to dictate their ministry- and I forget that I’m supposed to be empowering them for theirs.


Covered – The single greatest thing that you and I can do for our teams is cover them – in prayer.  Hopefully you know your team well enough to know what’s going on in their lives (at least a little bit).  You can’t fix their broken relationships, financial struggles, or stresses, but you do have the power to cover them in prayer so that our Creator God can step in.  When things are great with your team, pray.   When things get hard with your team, pray harder.  Romans 12:12 tells us “don’t quit in hard times – pray all the harder.”


Next time you’re at Waffle House enjoying the local scene and some hash browns, take a minute and reflect on your team.
Is my team scattered?  Do they feel smothered?  Have I covered them lately?


2 thoughts on “Scattered, Smothered and Covered”

  1. Hillary says:

    This was an excellent post with practical tips for building Christian community. Truly, that is a gift to see God’s lesson in an order of hash browns and to convey it so simply and well. Good job and thank you!

    1. Thank you Hillary!

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