Seeing Clearly

seeing clearly

It was spring break week, I was home alone (you can find out why here), and I wanted to get some deep cleaning done while everyone was out of the house. I’m talking about those jobs that, well, you just never really get around to – like scrubbing the baseboards, wiping down the walls, cleaning the blinds slat-by-slat, and washing the windows.


Our house is tall. Really tall. Because of the way we’re built into a hill, the front of the house boasts two stories, but the back of the house lengthens into four stories. Let’s just suffice it to say the outside of the windows weren’t part of that spring cleaning plan…


One of my favorite things to do is sit and look out or back windows into the woods. I’ve seen countless critters – from woodpeckers to squirrels, to lost neighborhood children, to deer. I had no idea how dirty the windows were until I started cleaning them! Suddenly I was seeing clearly again. What a fresh view!


How often do I miss the opportunity to see things more clearly in my own life?


Maybe there are relationships that I take for granted, relationships that would flourish if I took the time to remove the grime of the day-to-day, revealing a new freshness.


I’ve allowed myself to lumber down a path, knowing in the back of my mind that it could be better, but settling for “good enough,” not willing to wash those windows.


Sometimes we wash the windows in our lives by allowing someone else access to clean them – just like I will have to do if I ever want my outer windows washed! I can ask someone who loves me and loves Jesus to help me see the dirt I am not able to because I’m so used to looking through the filmy smears.


I don’t know if you’re inspired to grab the Windex and a microfiber cloth or not, but I do hope you’ll take some time for deep reflection about seeing clearly in specific areas of your life.



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