Too Small to Make an Impact


I intended to sleep in a few mornings ago.


We didn’t have any big plans, and I was looking forward to a nice, slow day.


When a shrill sound pulled me out of my sleep much earlier than I intended, to say I was not happy is an understatement.  It was more than a few moments before my mind registered the origin of the sound.


The shrill repeating call seemed to come from right behind my bed.


It was a bird – sitting somewhere in the line of trees in the backyard behind my bedroom.


I spent some time listening to bird calls on YouTube trying to find out what kind of monster I was dealing with.  When I located the right sound, I expected a picture of a fairly large bird.  But it turned out to be a Carolina wren – a small bird whose voice makes a big impact.


Maybe you feel like you don’t have the opportunity or ability to really use your voice to impact others.


You don’t speak in front of thousands of people.


You don’t have a wildly popular YouTube channel.


You don’t have hundreds of people following your blog.


You don’t lead a large team.


Here’s the thing.


The voice God gave you – the voice you have – is exactly what you need to make a huge impact.


Speak life into the people around you.


Say the words that are the hardest words to say. (I’m sorry)


Write and share what you’ve been learning.


Speak up when it will cause a positive change.


Surround others with encouragement.


You will impact lives.


If you impact one life, that’s enough.  You never know how your influence will change the life of someone, who will, in turn, impact the lives of countless others.


You’re not too small to make an impact.




2 thoughts on “Too Small to Make an Impact”

  1. Sheila Kelly says:

    I enjoy your writing style, and your voice comes through so well! We’ve met only once (technically true, albeit for many days in a row on a mountainside), and you’ve already made an impact on me!

    1. Thank you SO much, Sheila! You have likewise made an impact on me. So grateful to have spent time with you!

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