Stop trying to fill the empty space!


On our recent adventure in Peru, my husband and I spent a few days in the capital city of Lima before heading to the Inca Trail.  On our first full day in the city, we did some exploring, and ended up walking to the Huaca Pucllana – a temple constructed by Peruvians over 1800 years ago that still exists in the middle of the Miraflores district.


The Huaca Pucllana is constantly undergoing renovations and repair, so they are very particular about people just wandering about.  We took the guided tour and enjoyed learning about the history of the temple itself as well as the people groups who lived there and in the surrounding area.


I loved the architecture of the temple.  I had never seen anything built with bricks standing up on their sides instead of lying flat.  At first glance, the technique seemed a little haphazard, and almost sloppy.  Why would they not lay the bricks end-to-end like we normally see?


The space was important.


You see, the Lima region in Peru has been known for devastating earthquakes.  Not so much in modern times as in ancient times.  And the people hundreds of years ago understood that in order for their structures to last, they had to prepare for the shaking earth.


The space between the bricks provided the flexibility for the structures to move when under this great pressure.  Instead of drawing the bricks together tighter they knew the answer was to give them space.  And as a result, we still have remnants of the original buildings today.


This made me think about life, and the way we often view space.


Do you find yourself allowing space in your life, or do you strive to fill the space, no matter what?


When you pull up to a red light, do you allow space between you and the car in front of you, or are you so close you can read the expiration date on their tags?


When you come across an unexpected Saturday with nothing on the calendar, do you feel the urge to fill the space, or do you embrace it?


When there is a pause in the conversation, does it make you uncomfortable?  Do you jump in to fill the space, or do you allow the break to happen?


When a position is empty on your org chart, are you more concerned about filling the slot or reevaluating the position?


Space allows us to shift without damaging the things around us.


Where do you need to allow space in your life?





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