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Don’t Be the Leader You Were Yesterday

  Yesterday may have been a really great day for you as a leader – or it may have been terrible.  Maybe you rallied your team and accomplished more than anyone thought possible.  Or maybe…

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Mark Miller

What Do You Do With Feedback?

I’m honored to host author Mark Miller this week as a guest contributor to my blog.  Feedback is essential for a leader to grow.  Sometimes it is painful, other times it may not be, but…

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Volunteers Shouldn’t be Accountable

The mom in charge of planning the class party hasn’t even talked about it yet – and the party is scheduled for tomorrow.   For the third week in a row, the nursery volunteer didn’t…

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unpredictable leader

Are You an Unpredictable Leader?

The weather here in the South can be a little confusing.  Ok – a LOT confusing!  A few weeks ago we started out with 17 degree temperatures and ice covering the roadways – leaving our…

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