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Hacksaw Ridge

Leadership Lessons from Hacksaw Ridge

My family loves war movies.  We’re currently watching a 20-hour DVD set about World War II that my husband watched when he was growing up.  As the only female in the house, I’ve learned to…

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Conflict without casualties

Conflict Without Casualties

Conflict is inevitable.   You know this, right?   I mean – if you’ve been alive more than 11 minutes, you’ve probably experienced conflict.  Your conflict may happen within your family, at your workplace, or…

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unpredictable leader

Are You an Unpredictable Leader?

The weather here in the South can be a little confusing.  Ok – a LOT confusing!  A few weeks ago we started out with 17 degree temperatures and ice covering the roadways – leaving our…

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better leader

5 Ways to be a Better Leader This Week

You’re reading this because you want to be a better leader.  That’s a great start!  Sometimes it can be difficult to see a list of twenty things that you need to do to become a…

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