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Escape Room: A Leadership Testing Ground

I had read about them for months. Escape rooms. A creative business idea that allows teams of people to step into a simulated experience where time is of the essence, and escaping is critical to…

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The Biggest Lie in Leadership

If you have your car radio tuned to a station that plays pop music, these words have filled your car a time….or ten…   I’m the one. I’m the only one.   Justin Bieber isn’t…

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Setting Goals with a Volunteer Team

It’s goal-setting season!  I’m the type of person who thrives on setting and working toward goals.  I may have somewhat of a love affair with to-do lists, too….but that’s another story.  Setting goals for myself…

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Leading Not Normal Volunteers

When ostriches and ice cream cones decorate the inside of a book, you know it’s going to be not normal.  About a year ago Sue Miller and Adam Duckworth released their book Not Normal: Seven Quirks of…

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