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Spring Break

An Abnormal Spring Break

So last week was Spring Break in our area. Right now our two boys’ school schedules dictate our lives. Soon (too soon), one will graduate and he will develop a different rhythm to his life….

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qualities of a leader

7 Qualities You Can’t Lack as a Leader

Position doesn’t equal leadership.  After all, an assistant may be a better leader than the CEO.  What is it that determines leadership?  The character of a person plays a significant part in determining a leader.  I…

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3 Lessons from the Peachtree Road Race

I just finished my second Peachtree Road Race.  If you’re not from Atlanta, you may not be familiar with the race.  It is a 10k course held in the city of Atlanta on the 4th…

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3 Ways to Survive Transitions

Transitions.     Life is full of them, isn’t it?       High school to college or work. Retirement. Single to married. New boss or position. Old town to a new town. Children being born…

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