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Hacksaw Ridge

Leadership Lessons from Hacksaw Ridge

My family loves war movies.  We’re currently watching a 20-hour DVD set about World War II that my husband watched when he was growing up.  As the only female in the house, I’ve learned to…

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Leadership Lessons from a Mangrove Tree

The moment I saw it, this tree intrigued me.  I was taking part in my normal ritual while my family was on vacation in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos not long ago.  I love to take…

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I'm sorry

Two words every leader needs to say

I’ve been in a season of leadership lately that has challenged me in many, many ways.  There have been multiple transitions to navigate, and so very much to learn.  I’m not the world’s fastest learner…

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Extraordinary Leadership Part 1

My goal is not to be an ordinary leader.  My goal is to become and extraordinary one.  I’ve had the incredible privilege of obtaining a pre-release copy of Jenni Catron’s newest book The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary…

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