We Aren’t Meant to Coast


Several years ago I was looking for another car.  I had never bought one on my own before, and my husband was encouraging me to go through the process myself, with him in the background.  I went to our local CarMax with a price range in mind.  After wandering aisles for hours, taking test drives, and a few weeks of deliberation, I had my choices narrowed down to a Monte Carlo with a V-8 or a Toyota Camry Hybrid.  Quite the options, huh?

Practicality, and the promise of fewer fill-ups during a season when gas prices were skyrocketing, won out.  I drove home in a new-to-me gray Toyota Camry Hybrid with a smile on my face.


I’ve had the car for almost ten years now, and I still love it.  One of my favorite things to do is to try to keep it in “electric” mode for as long as possible.  The other day, I went almost 5 miles primarily in “E” mode!  It helped that there were a lot of hills to coast down.  The car is built for coasting – it doesn’t lose speed quickly at all.  I love it!


While coasting and saving gas in my car is great, I’m learning that coasting in other areas of my life is detrimental.  I’ve been in a season of waiting, and I’m still not really sure what all is “next” for me.  Without a clear direction to head, I’ve had trouble staying on the gas.


I thought that I could live off of the momentum that had been created in my life from the previous season.  What I didn’t realize was that life isn’t meant to be lived in “coast” mode.  I thought what had got me to where I am was good enough.  I didn’t know that coasting would start to kill my credibility.


I started to see parts of my life crumbling, and at first I didn’t understand why.  I thought what I had done in the past – the hard work, the relationship building, the sacrifice and passion and effort – would continue to move me forward.


What began to happen when I took my foot off the gas was no forward movement at all.


It took some people who love me and care about me to have some hard conversations with me.  Those conversations helped me realize that I had been living in a state of pride – for my past accomplishments.  But those don’t really matter today.


Even though I’m still not exactly sure where I am headed, I know now that I will never get there if I am not pushing forward each and every day.

I can’t stop pursuing things with passion.
I can’t stop learning and growing.
I can’t stop striving to be of great character


I can’t coast.




3 thoughts on “We Aren’t Meant to Coast”

  1. Daiva MacKenzie says:

    Love this!!

    1. Thanks, Daiva!! It’s been a tough lesson….

  2. Jan Smith says:

    Wow, what a thought provoking quote “What matters today is what I’m doing today.” I’m going to keep that in the forefront of my mind. Thanks for the insight Heather.


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