What does your posture say about you?


I have to admit – I love to take those quizzes and questionnaires that pop up in your feed on social media.  You know the ones I’m talking about – they tell you your personality based on the pictures of sea creatures you click on.  Or the kind that promise to reveal your age by asking questions about flowers and food preferences.  I think there should be a quiz that finishes by giving you the million dollars you need to retire on that private island it just selected for you….


What if you could tell everything about a person simply by looking at their posture?


I think you can.


Ok – maybe not everything, but you can definitely tell a lot.


When you hear the word “posture”, you probably sit up a little straighter and pull your shoulders back.  I picture an old schoolmarm rapping the knuckles of the boy slouched over his desk.


Most of us aren’t in school anymore, so let’s talk about how you sit in meetings instead.  Are you on the edge of your chair, poised to take notes, focused on what is being said?  Or do you slump back in your chair, doodling on a notepad, or surfing the internet on your phone or computer?  Think about what your posture is communicating about your character.


Your posture can exude confidence or defeat.  It can reveal trust or distrust.


When you meet with someone to have a hard conversation, are your arms crossed in front of you, daring the other person to break through your stubborn facade?  Or do you position yourself more openly, showing you are not in attack mode or defense mode, but are ready to learn?


Posture is the way we carry ourselves, but it is not only physical – it is your mental or spiritual attitude as well.


Do you have the posture of knowing everything, or the posture of being open to learn?


What you see as just the way you sit or stand, others see as a reflection of your character.


Need help working on your posture?


Decide what you want to look like – what you want to project to others.


And start changing your posture to reflect that.



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