What is a Better Boss?

Mark Miller

This week, the incredible Mark Miller is a guest author for us. Two of his previous books, Chess Not Checkers, and Leaders Made Here, are among my all-time favorite leadership books. I’m excited that his newest book, Talent Magnet, launches this week! 


Almost two years ago, we began a search to answer the question: What attracts Top Talent? Now, looking back over tens of thousands of miles, 38 cities, hundreds of interviews, and thousands of on-line surveys, we have some answers.

One of the factors that came through loud and clear is the idea of a Better Boss. The data reflects it, but the individual conversations gave meaning to the statistics. After hours and hours of listening, the attributes, characteristics, and tendencies of a Better Boss slowly came into focus. In this short series, we’ll take a look at three of the best practices. Today, a Better Boss Demonstrates Care.


The following is an excerpt from the Talent Magnet Field Guide co-authored with Randy Gravitt.


Once you realize Top Talent is looking for a Better Boss, the next step is to become one. The question is, how?  Being a better leader begins with a foundation of caring. Unless you genuinely care for people, you will struggle to attract high performers. But it is not enough to simply care in your mind and heart, you must Demonstrate Care with your actions.


Demonstrating care can take many forms. From creating role clarity to providing feedback, leaders convey they are interested in the success of their team members. Taking the time to show you are interested in the things they are interested in also communicates tremendous worth. Additionally, getting to know their families, backgrounds, even their hopes and dreams, helps them know you genuinely value them as people. When people are authentically cared for, they care in return. And when people care, their performance goes up.


As the leader, the onus is on you to frequently communicate how much people matter. You really can be a Better Boss and create a thriving environment where the best of the best want to work. Make a decision to Demonstrate Care, and you will be on your way.



About Mark Miller


Mark Miller began his Chick-fil-A career working as an hourly team member in 1977. In 1978, he joined the corporate staff working in the warehouse and mailroom. Since that time, Mark has steadily increased his value at Chick-fil-A and has provided leadership for Corporate Communications, Field Operations, and Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

Today, he serves as the Vice President of High-Performance Leadership. During his time with Chick-fil-A, annual sales have grown to over $9 billion. The company now has more than 2,300 restaurants in 47 states and the District of Columbia.

When not working to sell more chicken, Mark is actively encouraging and equipping leaders around the world. He has taught at numerous international organizations over the years on topics including leadership, creativity, team building, and more.

Mark began writing about a decade ago. He teamed up with Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager, to write The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do (2007). More recently, he released Chess Not Checkers (2015), and Leaders Made Here (2017). His latest is Talent Magnet: How to Attract and Keep the Best People (February 2018). Today, over 1 million copies of Mark’s books are in print in more than two dozen languages.


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