What Type of Wall is Your Team?

There is something mesmerizing to me about the pattern of a brick wall.  Each brick is the same size, the same shape, put into place with an exactness that can’t be denied.  Sure, there might be a slight variation in hue or texture, but there’s an undeniable synchrony in the sameness.  The mortar that fills the spaces between each brick was measured out just so.  It’s beautiful, but it’s predictable.


A rambling rock wall, like you might see along a rural road in the Northeast, grasps me in a deeper way.  As it goes on for sometimes miles, I start thinking about what it took to make that wall.  Each rock had been found somewhere on the property.  Piles of haphazard shapes and sizes were collected first, and when the piles grew bigger than a grown man, the process was started to find the exact spot that each unique rock would fill.  Slowly the wall would grow, each rock nestled tightly against the next without mortar.


How often do I treat my team like a “brick wall”?  I may look for someone new who fits well with our team, or I may search for similar gifts and abilities within our existing team.  I tend to look for the same patterns, search for the same characteristics, plan for the same results.   And the result is predictable, though still beautiful.


Instead, I want to start working on that rural rock wall.  What if I see each member of my team as a uniquely created individual?  What if instead of looking for people who fit into my pattern, I seek out ways to incorporate their individual gifts and talents?  What if I start gathering the people who I know I want to surround myself with, and I figure out how they “fit” later?  Could the result possibly be a stronger, further-reaching, more beautiful team?



What type of wall are you building with your team?


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