What You Say Matters

Words matter.


We all know that – we have heard it a thousand times.  But how often do we actually live like our words matter?  We are in the midst of a highly political season, and I’ve been hearing a lot of words being thrown around with seemingly no awareness of the weight they carry.  Sometimes they are uttered in a group setting, often they are splashed across social media.  What is the effect of throwing around our words as if they carry no weight?

What you say matters.


What you say tells me more about your character than about what you are discussing.  If you want the right to speak into my life, I have to trust you for who you are.

What you say is usually my first impression of who you are.  Are you honoring those around you?  Even those who look, think, or act differently than you do?  Or are you trying to make yourself look “right”?


What you say matters.


What you say affects more than just you.  Most of the time you’re probably saying words to another person – not to an empty room or a brick wall.   You’re likely saying the words to influence someone else. 

A simple “Thank You” to the waiter who refilled your drink speaks to your character, while giving affirmation of a job well done.  

A single nasty side comment that you may feel justified uttering may make you feel better in the moment.  But it results in tearing down the other person and destroying the trust of anyone who happened to hear it.

What you say has the potential to affect everyone around you – for good or for bad.


What you say matters.


Did you know your words create a culture around you?  The words you speak may be creating something you really desire, or they may be undermining you without you even realizing it.

Recently, our organization changed one word that we believe will change our culture.  We simply took one term and exchanged it for another term that means something better, and deeper.  The words are similar, but the impact of those words are very different.  One simple change will change our entire culture.


What you say matters.


Will you choose to live this truth?



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