Your List of Why

List of Why

Lunch was over, and the boys were working on getting the kitchen cleaned up.  I snuck away, heading upstairs to my little office over the garage.  I desperately needed to see the list that lives in the top drawer of my desk.  The morning had been difficult – very difficult, and as I thought about the stress of it, the miscommunications, the unfair expectations, tears threatened to fall again.


I reached my office and quietly closed the door.


Opening the creaky old drawer, I reached in and my hand effortlessly found the paper I was seeking.  I pulled it out and sank down into the nearby chair, consciously slowing my breathing as I began to read.

Reasons why I love what I do


As I read through my list of why, over and over, I began to feel peace winding its way through my soul once again.  I could see, right in front of me, why I was doing this job.  I was reminded of what drew me to it in the beginning, and they joy that I get out of it when I choose to let myself see it.


Every job has good days and bad days.


Every path will bring times when you feel on top of the world, and others when you question every decision you made that brought you to this place.


Every journey will sometimes leave you questioning why you began it, but ultimately reveal the destination.


Even the best situations sometimes have hard seasons.  Knowing a hard season may be coming isn’t enough.  Prepare yourself for it ahead of time.


Take a few minutes today and write out the reasons why you are doing what you are.  Think back and remember the excitement, the draw, the passion that you had when you started.  Remember the wins that you’ve had along the way. Celebrate the successes.


Remind yourself frequently of your why.

What is your list of why?

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