Hearts not Minds

Outstanding leaders appeal to the hearts of their followers, not their minds.  – John Maxwell

As you lead your team, your default may be to focus on the tasks that you are asked to complete as a leader – leading a room, training a new employee or volunteer, overseeing a schedule.  And when you focus on these tasks, your mind is probably going full-tilt. If you’re in kids’ ministry like I am, you may be thinking:

How can I help this child stop crying?”

“I need to make sure all the kids were signed in.”

“I have to get someone to help fill in the blanks on this schedule.”

And while all of these tasks are important, even essential, I want to challenge you to go even further.


Let’s take overseeing the schedule for example.  Logically, and appealing to our minds, we can say, “I still need help at 10:00 on the 3rd Sunday this month.  Can you help?”  And you will probably get someone to fill in that spot.

But I want to challenge you to try appealing to the heart of your volunteer.  In my situation, every one of us volunteers because we believe that what we do has a direct impact on people who are far from God experiencing life in Christ.


Appeal to the heart of your volunteers by speaking the vision into their lives.


We have had such an increase in families coming to Freedom in the past 3 months! It’s so exciting, and it blows my mind that God has blessed us this way!  Every family who comes through the doors of Freedom Kids is being directly impacted for eternity every time you volunteer!  Did you realize that!?  I think it is so amazing that we get to be a part of kids and families experiencing life in Christ!  More people means we have more opportunities to make a difference.  If you would like to increase the number of times you volunteer so that you can impact even more families, please let me know!”


Now, instead of appealing to their mind, you have appealed to their heart.

Instead of feeling like they are adding more to their plate, your volunteers are excited and desire to be used of God even more.  Everyone wins when hearts, and not just the mind, are involved.


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